Pull-up clinic: 10 minutes. We will progress from the basic kip to the butterfly CTB.

WOD: 15 minute pull-up ladder.
100m run
5 pull-ups
30 double unders
*Add 2 pull-ups per round for 15 minutes. 
*CTB if you got em
*Sub jump tucks for DUs
*It's always 100m run and 30 dus. Only increase the pull-ups each round.
*You also have the option to make up a WOD that you missed.


"Bill and Dom"

Partners — similar strength recommended.
2 rounds (partition the work as needed).
American swings x 50
Scissor jumps x 50/leg (100 total).
Pushups x 50
Box jumps x 50
Wall balls x 50
*In order to accumulate reps one partner MUST be holding an atlas stone in the gut.
*This workout was put together to acknowledge Bill and Dom who have both lost 50 pounds since joining Hybrid BPT!!



STRENGTH (20 minutes)
Push jerk 3-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1

WOD: 4 rounds
Rest as needed between rounds.
90 seconds per round.
EXACTLY 60 sec max meters row followed immediately by 30 second amrap burpees.

NOTE: For this workout you will sprint exactly 60 seconds on the rower. Jump off the rower and complete as many burpees as possible in the remaining time.
EXAMPLE: If it takes you 4 seconds to get off the rower you have 26 seconds to compete as many burpees as possible.

Two scores for this WOD
1. Total meters rowed per round
2. Total burpees per round

Post both scores per round on the whiteboard.


Stamford Location...

Partners -- one person works at a time.
2 rounds
Stone to shoulder x 30
TTB X 40
Box jumps x 50
*one person works at a time
*partition work as needed
*EMOM both partners must do 10 alternating lunges (5 per leg)

Bridgeport Location...

Please note that our Bridgeport location will be closed on 8/12/17 for a CF Level 1 Seminar.  Members are welcome to come to our Stamford location, or join us at Masuk High School for a track workout. Meet in the parking lot at 9:45am.