"Prison Friday" (leisurely pace)

Run 400 meters

5 sets 10 reps each:
DB ROW (10 per arm).
Seated Barbell shoulder press (From the floor. Sit on your butt, feet in front of you, strict barbell shoulder press).

Run 400 meters

5 sets 10 reps each:
Barbell curls
Dips (rings, fixed, tire or bench).

Run 400 meters

Partition as needed:
125 push ups
125 sit ups

Run 400 meters

Super set each movement.

Also---optional make up WOD from the last two weeks. Dealer's choice.


Teams of 3 - similar strength. 
3 rounds
100 cals assault bike. 
75 wall balls. 
50 deadlifts (AHAP with good form…no DROPS allowed).
*Deadlift should be heavy enough that the strongest on the team might get 10 reps unbroken. 
 *Do not drop the bar from the top of the deadlift.
*Entire gym does 10 burpees on the spot for dropped bars...not just the team...the whole gym.



1 mile time trial run.

Then-- "Lynne"
Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press
*As close as possible to body weight on the bench OR adjust weight to get 15-20 reps on the first set. Keep the same weight each round. 
*Move quickly from bench to pull-ups and then rest as needed before starting next round. 
*If you get less than 5 pull-ups you may drop from the bar ONCE and then keep going.
*Sub strict ring rows for pull-ups.

Post mile time and reps per round.


STRENGTH: 15 min to find 1RM push jerk (no racks allowed).

WOD: Partners — similar strength.

Partner A completes 20 burpees while Partner B does AMRAP clean and jerk.
When Partner A finishes 20 burpees they switch places.

Repeat until both partners have completed 80 burpees.

Two scores--total elapsed time and total clean and jerks.

Post creative team name and scores on whiteboard.