STRENGTH: 12 min to shoulder the heaviest possible stone.

WOD: Partners -- similar strength recommended. 
4 rounds
Partner A runs 400m.
Partner B does AMRAP stone to shoulder.
When partner A returns he/she does AMRAP stone to shoulder and Partner B runs 400m.
Complete this cycle 4x so each person runs 1 mile.

Two scores for this WOD
1. Overall time
2. Total combined reps

Team name and scores on the board.
Photo Credit: Sandro Art & Photography


STAM Gretchen pullup.JPG

Retest Open WOD 16.1
20 min AMRAP
12 alternating overhead stationary lunges.
8 burpees over bar.
12 alternating overhead stationary lunges.
8 CTB pullups.
Men 95 pounds
Women 65 pounds

*Scaling options for CTB = pullups or ring rows.
*Bring tape and scale down if needed to ensure your hands are ready for the CF Open on Friday.
*You may opt for strict pullups if you are concerned about your hands.