STRONGMAN: Tire flips. 1 min max reps x 5 rounds. Rest as needed between rounds.


WOD: "The Cam"

19 min AMRAP

19 push jerks (barbell, KB's, DB's, axle, log).

19 leg raisers

19 American swings

19 cals row/bike/ski


CrossFit is built on community. Our local CF community comes together to support, celebrate, and encourage others in times of sorrow or struggle.  We create workouts to memorialize our fallen heroes, to remember tragic situations, and to bring awareness to the unknown. 


On February 28, 2017 (National Rare Disease Day), both Hybrid locations will be participating in “The Cam”.  “The Cam” is a workout which aims to support the Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood Foundation and to spread awareness of this extremely rare disorder. 


At just 6 months old, Cameron was diagnosed with AHC, a genetic disorder.  Cameron began experiencing unexplained episodes of severe stiffness and/or paralysis at 2 ½ months old. One in a million people are affected, with about 800 known cases worldwide to date.  AHC is classified as a neurological disorder and can affect one or both sides of the body during the attacks with often no warning signs.  Unfortunately, it is not something that will go away as an adult and there is still no cure or treatment for AHC at this time.  


Please join us for the workout and make a small donation ($5-10) to help raise awareness and funds that will go directly to the AHC foundation: http://ahckids.org


(We are modifying the Cam WOD to fit our programming and take the Open into account. Holding true to 19 for time and reps, but changing movements).