Bridgeport location closed as we are hosting the CrossFit Strongman Seminar.

Busy day at Hybrid Athletics Stamford this Saturday! Hope to see you there. 
CrossFit Class
SKILL: Double under practice. 
STRENGTH: 20 min to build to a heavy squat clean. 
WOD: 24 min EMOM
Even min 2 HEAVY squat cleans (AHAP w/ good form).
Odd min 40 double unders (sub 7 burpees).
Strongman Class
24 min EMOM
Farmers Carry x 50′ AHAP
Keg carry x 50′ AHAP
Full Stamford Schedule
6-7:30am Trainers WOD w/ Mike
7am Olympic weightlifting w/ MK
8am Yoga w/ Katy
8am CrossFit w/ MK
9am Just Results w/ Danielle
10am Strongman w/ MK
11am CrossFit w/ Dave