8 minute AMRAP
10 toes to bar/rings (sub knees to elbows or leg raisers).
12 situps
20 second plank hold.

Partners — similar strength
8 rounds
200M run
Max distance sandbag carry

Partner A will run 200M while Partner B is carrying the bag for max lengths inside the gym. When Partner A returns they switch places. Repeat this process until both partners have run 8 x 200M.

Two scores for this workout —
Total elapsed time
Total lengths carried


60 second plank
50 sit-ups
60 second plank
40 sit-ups
60 second plank
30 sit-ups
60 second plank
20 sit-ups
60 second plank
10 sit-ups

1. Yoke carry 50' AHAP no drops allowed.
2. Tire flips x 60 sec AMRAP x 4 rounds.
*20 minutes per segment. Rest as needed between attempts and sets.

Dealer's Choice: Pick a WOD from the last week and make it up.