12/9/12 Rest Day Announcements

Hybrid just took in a massive inventory of new apparel.  We're proud to be partnered with Jaco--we love their training shorts!  We also just received pink thermals for the ladies and charcoal gray thermals for the men.  Pictures of those items will be posted to our store by Wednesday.  Shipping is available anywhere in the world.  For international orders please email rob@hybridathletics.net for a custom quote. Hybrid's new size stone molds should be rolling off the press by the end of the year.  Look out for a 130 pounder and 160 pounder.  We've also linked up with Rogue fitness for a few new pieces of metal gear.  We'll be announcing details shortly.

Rubbberized Husafell stones are available now.  Hi-Temp is making them for us.  Anyone looking for a cool toy for your gym(and a great workout) please reach out to chuck@hitemp.net

Hybrid Athletics is headed to Europe in January.  We'll be starting in Wiesbaden, Germany on 1/10.  We're making stops all over with our final destination in Basel, Switzerland.  If you'd like to check out one of our Challenges, which are open to anyone of any ability/strength level,  or if you'd like to come to one of the CF Strongman seminars please check our schedule.


January 12th CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course Reebok CrossFit Nurnberg Nurnberg, Germany

January 19th CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course CrossFit Basel Basel, Switzerland

January 13th CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course Reebok CrossFit Nurnberg Nurnberg, Germany