1RM Overhead Yoke Carry

Set the crossbar on the Yoke to a height slightly lower than your arms at full extension overhead.  Bend your knees, lock out your arms overhead, and lift the yoke off the ground by extending your knees.  Carry the yoke x 50 feet while in the overhead position. Repeat x 7 rounds.  Rest as needed.  Add weight each round if you are able.

Record the weight of each round and post to comments.  Share video if you have it.  I will post a video of this workout later this morning.

Below is a comment that I received from a Strongmanwod.com follower.  I thought it was worth sharing---

Submitted on 2011/10/19 at 4:13 am
Rob I need to take the time to thank you. Today I was able to achieve what I considered a great feat. I PR’d me dead lift by 65 lbs and was able to pull 500 lbs. Strength has always been somewhat of a limiting factor for me. But from paying attention, humbling myself and by willing myself to work on my weaknesses I have seen tremendous improvements. Its thanks to people like you and the programming you give and the programming from CrossFit Football that I am not only getting stronger, but I’m becoming a better CrossFitter. Thank you for your interest to help people like me who want to achieve something great in life. I’m 18, I see plenty of great experiences and challenges coming my way, and I look forward to attacking them head on. Thanks Rob!