3RM Weighted Pullups

Unlimited attempts at a 3RM weighted set of pullups. Using a weight belt, vest, DB, or KB, perform 3 weighted pullups without dropping from the bar.  Rest as needed, add weight, and repeat until you can't complete 3 consecutive reps.

In other Strongman news--

February 25th at Hybrid Athletics in Stamford, CT we are hosting a full-blown strongman contest.  5 events with multiple weight classes.  Men's classes under 175, 200, 231, and 232+.  Women's classes 130, 155, and 156+.  Events will look like this--

1.Carry/Drag Medley- Farmer's x 50 feet, Keg x 50 feet, Backward Drag x 50 feet

2.Yoke Carry-Max Distance in 90 seconds

3.Atlas Stone over Bar-Max Reps in 90 seconds

4.Overhead Press Medley-Sandbag, DB, Axle, Log, Odd Object.  60 second time cap.

5.Front Squat Ladder-3 minutes.  Rules will be explained at the event.

Sign up for your specific weight class using this link http://hybrid-athletics.myshopify.com/products/copy-of-hybrid-competition

European Tour dates are listed below.  Sign up for the seminars at CrossFit.com.  Here are the dates and locations-

March 24th CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course CrossFit Clitheroe Clitheroe, Lancashire, England

March 25th CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course CrossFit Brussels Brussels, Belgium

March 31st CrossFit StrongmanTrainer Course Reebok CrossFit Nurnberg Nurnberg Germany

April 1st CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course Crossfit Amsterdam Nieuw-Vennep, Noord-Holland Netherlands

Below are the dates and locations of the Rob O Strongman Challenges.  You can sign up for RX'd or Scaled division.  Use this link for details http://hybrid-athletics.myshopify.com/collections/europe-rob-o-challenges

23 March CrossFit Clitheroe StrongMan Challenge

26 March CrossFit Antwerp Strongman Challenge

27 March Reebok CrossFit Amsterdam Strongman Challenge

29 March CrossFit Wiesbaden Strongman Challenge

30 March US Military Hero Bamberg Strongman Challenge

2 April  CrossFit Brussels StrongMan Challenge