8/23/12 Rest Day and FAQ

The question has come up several times over the past few weeks, "How do I incorporate the workouts posted on strongmanwod into my routine?"  There is no simple answer.  The way I program for myself is a "plug and play" style.  I look back over what I've done lately, or more importantly, what I haven't done, and I assemble the parts.  Usually I start with a desired time domain and then I back into the movements, rep scheme, and weights.  Lately I've attached a desired time to the wod.  This is supposed to help athletes scale the weights appropriately. "Are these workouts meant to be done by themselves or in conjunction with another wod?"  There is no simple answer to this question.  At the forefront of my programming mind I have the endless desire to be stronger.  For this reason I bias almost every workout towards heavy, compound movements.  Those movements dovetail perfectly with strongman.  The wods I post are meant to bring together the conditioning of a CrossFit athlete and the strength of a strongman competitor.  Each individual must take an introspective look at their goals and then adjust the movements, volume, weights, and time domains to fit their goals.

In my own programming I use these workouts often.  I do supplemental work as well....working on weaknesses is always a good thing.  When I feel like I can handle higher volume I add a wod.  When I feel like I need a rest day...I take one.  Its that simple.

If you'd like to hear me discuss these things in far more detail I cover programming at our CrossFit Strongman seminars.  September 1 we begin our fall travel schedule.  Come out and spend the day lifting, playing, and learning.