Axle Clean and Jerk Ladder

Using a 135+ pound axle perform a single clean and jerk.  Drop the bar from the top and then perform a double with a "touch-n-go" at the bottom.  No re-gripping allowed.  Drop from the top and then perform a triple with the same "touch-n-go" technique. After you've done the triple go back to the single.  Climb back up to the triple and keep repeating this process for 6 minutes.

Single, Double, Triple, Single Double, Triple, etc...x 6 minutes.

The weight should be a minimum of 135.  To pick your weight, play with the axle before you start and see how heavy of a triple you can perform without letting go of the bar.  Your weight for this workout should be close to that 3RM.

Here is a demo of the first round plus a few reps