Cheapest tools of the trade

The truth is that almost any odd object could be considered "strongman."  At Hybrid Athletics we have fire hydrants, lolly columns, field stones, and more.  Everyone of these items has been picked up for free.  We use them and when they break, and they will break, we throw them out and start the hunt for new "gear." What do we do with fire hydrants?  We carry the for distance, press it overhead, and we use it for suitcase deadlifts.  Lolly colums are a great way to work on grip strength and olympic lifts at the same time.  We also use them in tandem for longer workouts with higher rep schemes.  Is there anything easier to find than a rock in the woods?  They come in countless weights and sizes so you are limited by your creativity alone.

The important thing to remember is to have fun playing with new pieces of gear often.  It makes all those ordinary movements seem extraordinary for you and your members.

Get yourself to a scrap yard and grab some iron.  Take your kids for a walk in the woods and grab rocks that might be a challenge.  Then, get back to your gym and do "Grace" with each piece!

Train hard--Rob O