"Classic Strongman Training Day"

Today's workout is going to mimic the way I used to train.  Rest as needed between all movements and between all sets.  Perform as many warm up sets as needed along the way.  A typical training session might last 2 hours or more so don't rush it. Yoke x 100' (building to a max carry of 100' with 1 or 2 drops allowed)

2" DB clean and press (if you don't have a thick handle DB you can sub Axle Clean and Press).  Build up to a heavy single in each hand.  Chalk only...no straps.

Atlas Stones over 48" bar for max reps in 60 seconds.  Build up to a heavy single to test brute strength.  Then, lower the weight a bit and do 60 seconds of max reps over the bar.  Rest as needed and repeat for one more round.