Question from Jack

Here is Jack's question.  I thought I'd share my answer with anyone following this blog. What does a typical training day look like for you Rob?

CF WOD + Strongman WOD?

CF WOD + Strongman Movement?

Or is there more involved for you?


My response is below--


Right now the volume is quite high getting ready for Regionals. I’m doing at least 1 wod per day…usually 2 or 3. They tend to be on the short side…multiple rounds with rest in between. My routine is different than most because I’ve already got a decent baseline for strength. I went thru a decade of nothing but heavy lifting and before that I spent years in the gym doing drop sets and pyramid sets. It takes a lifetime to build REAL strength.

When I’m not training for the Games I sprinkle strongman movements and toys into my regular workouts and I usually do 1 per day 5 days per week. That changes…there is no set schedule that I follow. I listen to my body and my mind. I dream up challenge workouts and then plot them out in my mind until completion. For example, “DT” @ 225 pounds. I had the idea during the last week of sectionals and attacked it days later.

If I was programming for a guy that wanted to get stronger I would use as a guideline for fitness and then supplement 1 strongman movement(even if the volume is low) per day. For example…5 sets of yoke x 50 feet up to a max effort. Then go into your CF workout. The following day pick a different movement, maybe the log press, and then do your CF workout. Does that make sense?

Sorry for the blurry lines but I’ve never followed a program…ever. For me it’s like driving by brail….feel your way. If you allow yourself to accept that there is no finish line in this race it becomes very easy to program. Lift heavy things whenever you get the chance and when you look back in a few years…you’ll be strong as hell.

Thanks for reaching out and feel free to ask other questions as they come up. I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

Rob O