Rest Day

Check out this video of the boys at Low Country CrossFit tackling "Stone Grace."  Nice work, boys.

The Hybrid Athletics Store is COMPLETELY stocked with the short-sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve wome's t-shirts, men's and women's thermals, zip hoodies, farmer's handles, axles, logs, yokes, and Atlas stone molds.  We are taking delivery of Hydro Flask water bottles shortly...another sweet product.  We are also partnering with Jaco clothing and we're taking delivery of 144 pairs of Hybrid/Jaco fighter shorts.  Place your pre-orders now because the last time we had these shorts in stock 55 pairs sold in about 3 hours!!!

Finally, check out yesterday's post for loads of details on our strongman seminars and the contest on February 25th.

As always, I'm looking for feedback on the site, the wods, the programming, or anything else that will add to the commuity of strongmanwod followers.  Please share your thoughts.  Let me know where you're from, how often you do the wods, how do you choose which ones to do, etc..

Rob O