Rest Day

Today is a scheduled rest day.  How are you all feeling?  Please submit your feedback. Here are some new developments and announcements at Hybrid Athletics--

1. Australian tour is only a week away.  We begin at Reebok CF Gold Coast on May 5 and May 6 for two single-day seminars.  Register for May 5 using this link----

Register for May 6 using this link---

Register for the Western Australia dates at Real World CrossFit using these links--

May 12----

May 13----

Spaces are limited and selling out quickly.  Jump on now---not sure when we'll be back!!

Hybrid is relaunching it's online store within the next day so please check it out when you get a chance.  We are trying to unload our winter/warm weather gear so if you're interested in thermals or long sleeves please check the new store for discount pricing.  We are also going to adding colors to the menu for the first time.  We're proud to be using American Apparel 50/50 t-shirts in Red, White, and Blue.  Printing is being done as I type this message so stay tuned for pictures.

Finally, we will be announcing our next contest shortly.  It's a 3 person team challenge.  Start gathering your fittest/strongest group of will be the best damn comp we've ever thrown.