Rest Day

TEAM LINDA COMPETITION ON DECEMBER 8TH AT HYBRID ATHLETICS We will be holding the first ever Team "Linda" competition at Hybrid Athletics on December 8th, 2012.  Male and Female teams of 3.  We'll also have a masters division for teams of 40 and up.

"Linda" aka the three bars of death is 10 down to 1 of deadlift, bench press, and squat clean.  The bars are usually set up as percentages of the athletes' body weight.  For this event we will weigh the team members in the morning and then set up the bars according to an AVERAGE of their combined weights.  Women will have the option of doing the wod RX or 66% of their combined average.  Men and Master's Men must go RX.  Master's Women can opt for RX or 66%.

We will have a sign up page built shortly.  Please stay tuned and open up your calendars for a date with Linda.