Rest Day

Feedback!!!  I'm looking for your thoughts on  Please drop some comments. Couple announcements-

This weekend Hybrid is hosting our first official CrossFit Strongman Seminar.  We still have a few spots left.  You can register thru or you can go to and click the tag in the top left corner.  Start time is 9am and it will run until 4:30pm.

Future seminars will be held on October 15th at CF Ethos in Laguna Hills, CA.  That event is at 60% capacity already.  November 12th at CF SoCo in Colorado Springs, CO.  December 10th at CF BWI in Glen Burnie, MD.

Finally, Hybrid's Fall Challenge has been announced and will take place on November 19th.  This will be an insane usual.

Please leave feedback, comments, and concerns.

Rob O