Rest Day and Acknowledgement for Joe Steet

Today is a scheduled rest day.  I want to thank everyone for continuing to support this site.  The growth and response has been amazing. Yesterday I posted a wod that was 100M repeats at the track.  There was a penalty for not being able to finish under 15 seconds per 100M sprint.  This is not your usual "strongman" training but the stimulus is in line with building powerful athletes.  Joe Steet, one of our followers, wrote this message in the comment section after completing the wod.

"This really couldn’t have been any goat-ier for me, my foot speed and sprint endurance are two of my three biggest weaknesses (third is overhead squats). Did this outside and it should be fairly obvious how much wind there was:

17, 19, 18, 21, 20, 24, 23, 23, 23, 24 1+3+2+5+4+8+7+7+7+8=52 *5=260 Burpees

Took a few minutes to recover by going inside, then did the 260 Burpees in 18:52. That performance (just the Burpees part) actually seems decent to me."

Congrats to Joe for putting forth a solid effort on both parts of this wod.  To go inside and elect to do 260 burpees after interval sprints is solid at every level.  Most people would cave and say, "I did the work...I'm not doing the penalty."  Great effort, Joe.  You should be applauded by the entire Strongmanwod community.

Rob O