Rest Day...European Tour Begins NEXT WEEK!!

Today was a scheduled rest day so that means 2 things--I'm looking for feedback from all Strongmanwod followers.  What did you think of the last few wods?  Are the movements, rep schemes, and programming up to snuff?  Positive or negative--let it fly.  I want to hear from you so I can continue to tweak this site. Second--time to promote.  Me and my team of coaches are hopping on a plane next Wednesday night bound for Manchester, UK.  We have events beginning on March 23rd in Clitheroe.  From there we travel to Brussels, Germany, and Amersterdam.  The plan is to put on CrossFit Strongman seminars in prominent CrossFit boxes on Saturdays and Sundays.  The middle of the week is full of Strongman Challenges at gyms along the way.  You can find more information about both types of events using these links--


Challenges(Scaled and Rx Men and Women Classes)--

Spaces are limited on both types of events so sign up soon.  We'll be loaded up with Hybrid gear in case you wanted something from our store.  We'll also be giving away loads of prizes from our generous sponsors--Jaco Clothing, Progenex, Hi-Temp and Rogue Europe.  Come out and spend some time playing with new toys.