Rest Day(Seminar Re-Cap)

Yesterday Hybrid Athletics hosted it's first official CrossFit Strongman Seminar and there were 42 people in attendance.  We covered 6 different movements including Tire Flips, Hybrid Atlas Stones, Hybrid Log, Yoke, Farmer's Carry, and Keg Clean and Press. We had some amazing feats of brute strength--within the first 5 minutes of instruction several men flipped the 1,000 pound tire for reps and a handful of capable women flipped the 650 pounder.  That was just the tip of the iceberg.  All day long men and women tested themselves with new movements.  They spent the day learning by doing....very little time at the whiteboard.  Everyone went home tired and a little bit dirty. I'd like to personally thank everyone who made the trip to Hybrid yesterday and I want to encourage anyone in the Southwest to come out and see us on October 15th at CrossFit Ethos in Laguna Hills, CA.  Registration can be done thru or you can simply follow this link

We are also going to be at CrossFit SoCo in Colorado Springs, CO on November 12th. Here is the link

Finally we are scheduled to be in Maryland at CrossFit BWI on December 10th.  Here is the link to that event

Anyone can host an event as long as they meet the equipment requirements.  We offer two different seminars--the first one is for 40+ people and the second is for 15 or less.  If you're interested in becoming a hub for the seminar please reach out to me at

Thank you to everyone who has helped put the seminar on the are pushing strongman forward in leaps and bounds.

Rob O