Strongmanwod #1

8 Stones to the Shoulder--16 Burpees 4 Stones to the Shoulder--8 Burpees

2 Stones to the Shoulder--4 Burpees

For time

You'll notice that I didn't list a prescribed weight.  I did the wod a while back and used 175, 240, and 265.  The desired effect of this workout was to leave you broken going into the final stone.  There is going to be some trial and error if you've never done workouts like this.  Don't be afraid to crash the car!!  If your time is 10 minutes or more then the weights were too heavy.  If your time is 2 minutes or less then the weights were too light. Check out the video link to see what it looks like.  I missed the final stone and I'm OK with that.  I went directly to the burpees because I had no chance of shouldering the 265 for a second rep.  I could have waited 2 or 3 minutes before attempting the final stone lift but that would have changed the workout completely.

If you don't have Atlas Stones you can use a stack of 45 pound bumpers.  It will be difficult to keep them together and you won't be able to truly shoulder the stack but you can simulate the lift off the ground and the violent hip extension that accompanies Atlas Stones.

Here is a video that was taken at one of our seminars.


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