Sunday 12/18 Rest Day

Today I received this question from 3 different people.  "Am I supposed to be following exclusively or should I use it as a supplement to CrossFit?"  My knee jerk reaction to this question is to use constant variation to create a never ending landscape of workouts.  In the off chance that you're interested in pursuing a career either as a CrossFit Games Athlete or a World's Strongest Man Competitor then this program may not be the answer.  However, if you're one of the millions of CrossFitters or interested strongman athletes from around the world and you're looking for ideas on how to use this equipment to gain fitness and have fun in the process then is a perfect fit. This site is not sport specific.  We, like CrossFit, specialize in not specializing.  I put together workouts that equally challenge a persons' physical strength and mental strength.  If you participate in these workouts over the course of a year, or longer, you will be stronger than when you started.

My belief is that you should lift heavy often.  Don't be afraid of trying new programs, movements, rep schemes, and equipment.  Lift heavy for 365 days and you'll be stronger next year than you were this year.  That answer may sound too simple to be true but I'm a simple guy.

Change of topic--two announcements about seminars--We moved the CrossFit Gold Coast Seminars in Australia from May 19/20 to May 5/6 to avoid conflict with the CrossFit Regionals.  All sign ups are on  Also, we just announced 4 European seminar dates and locations.  We'll be stopping at these locations--

3/24 CrossFit Clitheroe(Lancashire, England)

3/25 CrossFit Brussels(Belgium)

3/31 Reebok CrossFit Nurnberg(Germany)

4/1 CrossFit Amsterdam