Sunday Rest Day

Sorry for the very late post but I took the red-eye flight home from our CrossFit Strongman Seminar yesterday and haven't been able to shake out the cob webs. Tomorrow will begin a new cycle of workouts so be on the look out.

Two announcements worth mentioning--

1. CrossFit Strongman Seminars are coming up in November at CF SoCo in Colorado Springs on the 12th.  We have less than 20 spots remaining.  We also have a seminar scheduled for December 10th at CrossFit BWI in Maryland.  Less than 15 spots remaining for that event.  Finally, we have Captain CrossFit in Prescott, AZ on January 14th.  If you want to get CrossFit Strongman Certified please sign up at one of our upcoming events.

2. November 19th is our next Hybrid Challenge.  We'll blur the line between Strongman and CrossFit in the hopes of finding the most well-rounded athlete.  Men and women are welcome to sign up and compete in one of 2 weight classes.  Under/Over 185 for men. Under/Over 125 for women.  Sign up at