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The following questions have come up at least 20 times already via email, "How heavy should I go when I'm doing this workout?  How long should this take?"  I understand the confusion with these workouts because the movements and equipment are foreign.  I also understand that people want solid answers rather than guesses and approximations.  I hate to be a spoiler but I can't tell you what loads are appropriate for you to use.  What I CAN do is retrospectively let you know what I used in a given workout and how long it took me to complete.  Armed with this knowledge you should be able to adjust the loads so that the workout is appropriately difficult. My hope is that by sharing my times and weights you might be able to pick an appropriate weight for yourself.  If it takes me 10 minutes to do a given workout with a 650 pound tire and you're a beast...try to match my time with a 650 or heavier.  If you struggle with flips and your capacity is low then try to match the time with a 350 tire. After the workout is over one of 3 things will be certain:

1.The load was appropriate and you matched my time

2.The load was too heavy and the workout took too long

3.The load was too light and you smashed my time