Welcome to StrongmanWOD.com

Hi Everyone-- Welcome to Strongmanwod.com.  This is going to be a forum for daily strongman-style workouts.  Each day we'll post up a video highlighting a movement that will include a description of proper execution.  We'll also post up daily workouts that will accompany the movement of the day.


The goal of this site is to showcase the functionality of strongman movements and introduce those movements to people all over the world.  Strongman is infinitely scalable...just like CrossFit.  There are big stones and there are little stones---big tires and small tires---heavy farmer's handles and light farmer's handles.  EVERYONE can benefit from training with our tools of the trade and it's my mission to make it accessible to the masses.


Our first wod will appear Monday of next week.  Until then, we'll be posting up some old videos and some interesting information.  Please feel free to email me  @ conanrules1@gmail.com anytime with questions or comments.  This site is going to be driven by it's followers so your input matters.


Train hard---Rob O