Why Strongman?

Today is a rest day for anyone who is following Strongmanwod.com.  If you follow this site long enough you'll see that there is no rhythm to the workouts.  Some weeks we'll throw down 5 days straight and other weeks we'll only do 2 strongman workouts.  I wish I had some witty, cerebral reason for my programming but I don't.  I'm a simple guy trying to get fitter and stronger and this style of training has done more for me than anything I've tried previously. On rest days I'll post up information about the sport of strongman, movements, equipment, or I'll publicly answer questions that come from you.  Today I want to talk about WHY everyone involved in fitness should be utilizing strongman movements in their training.  When I say EVERYONE I mean just that.....because it's infinitely scalable it can benefit anyone.

I'll pose two questions to my readers---how long does it take someone to learn how to squat snatch?  Some say months but most coaches who have ever taken the time to teach the movement to a newbie can tell you it's more like years.  Here's the second question---how long does it take to teach someone to flip a tire?  My answer---5 minutes or less!  This quick turnaround is an amazing return on investment for the member and the coach.  In 10 minutes I can have someone exercising with intensity and doing it safely.  Any modality that is easily learned and can quickly change a person's fitness is not to be ignored.

The single most valuable part of strongman movements is how quickly they can be learned.  Intense exercise is only minutes away when you're talking about atlas stones, keg carries, and farmer's handles.

If you agree, disagree, or want to comment please share your thoughts.

Train hard---Rob O