2 minute max effort sled/yoke push 2 minute max effort double overhand axle dead lift

Men use 300 pounds on the yoke and 200 pounds on the axle

Women use 170 pounds on the yoke(empty) and 130 pounds on the axle

Push the yoke or sled 50 feet..stop..change direction..push the yoke back to the start.  This counts for 2 points.  Each dead lift counts for 1 point.

Scale as needed.

Post loads and total reps to comments.

NOTES--totally separate from strongmanwod....if you're in Germany and want to take part in our Challenge tomorrow evening we are expecting an epic event at CF Wiesbaden. You can pay/enter on the spot and we have scaled divisions so that everyone can participate.  Please come spend time with us if you're in the area.