WOD 1 coming tomorrow

Tomorrow will be the first official wod on this site.  I have already fielded several questions from people asking if I'm going to post alternatives to the exercises in the event that participants don't have the proper gear.  I certainly don't expect everyone to have ALL the gear but I'm doing everything I can to make it more accessible to the masses.  The following is a list of tools that I think every strongman MUST have in their arsenal: -Tires ranging from 300 to 800 pounds depending on strength and ability

-Atlas stones ranging from 35 pounds to 175.  Stronger people will need a 215, 265 and up

-Axle bars and Farmer's Handles...training often starts with grip work and these tools are essential

If you don't have these toys it doesn't mean you can't participate.  I will offer up alternatives whenever I am able.  We are only limited by our creativity so if you have ideas that work please share them with the forum....it will only help to speed up the learning curve and help bring strongman movements to the forefront of fitness.


Train hard--Rob O