Partner WOD Wednesday

In teams of 3...

2 rounds

3 min AMRAP bear crawl relay (each team member does 50’).

3 minute AMRAP overhead double DB or double KB relay (each team member will carry 2 DB’s or KB’s overhead x 100’ or down and back).

3 minute AMRAP gym sprints (each team member does 100’ or down and back).

In round 2 the “resting” team members must hold a plank position when they are not moving.

“Plank" is a standard pushup position…not elbows and toes.

Your team will get 2 scores — one for the total number of reps accumulated on the relays (high score is best), and one for the total number of times that each had to drop to the knees from the plank position (low score is best).

Pick a team name and put your score on the board.