CORE: 3 rounds
Plank x 1 minute
Leg raisers x 30
STRENGTH: DB bench press 10-10-10-10-10 (AHAP)
WOD: Partners
21-18-15 cals assault bike.
Partner A does 21 cals. Then Partner B does 21 cals. Partner A does 18 and then Partner B does 18. Repeat for 15 cals. 
*Post team name and time on whiteboard.
*Women may scale cals to 15-12-9 if desired.


STRENGTH: (40 minutes max)
Back squat 4x12 AHAP.
200m jog after each work set.
*Each set of 12 should leave you gasping for air and in a questionable emotional state.

Post strength CORE session:
3 rounds
20 sec “L” sit hanging from pull-up bar.
20 leg raisers
20 sit-ups
*If you cannot hold the L position lift your knees as high as possible and try to keep them above parallel. Accumulate 20 seconds per round.