Extended warm up.

Mobility: Shoulders, hips and hamstrings.


"Prison Wednesday"


Superset Push/Pulls

Bench Press 5 x 5 AHAP.

DB Bent Over Row 5 x 10 (each hand) AHAP.


Dips (rings, yoke, or bench) 5 x Failure (10+).

Standing strict DB curls 5 x Failure (10+).


Standing DB lateral raises 5 x 10.

Standing DB front raises 5 x 10.


Accumulate 100 Hollow Rocks during the workout.


Each of these is done as a couplet NOT for time:


Diamond pushups x 12

DB Bent Over Rows x 8 per hand

4 rounds


Then —

Alternating DB Curls x 8 per hand

Standing DB (or barbell) strict press x 8

4 rounds


Then —

Lateral DB raises x 8

Front DB raises x 8

4 rounds


Stamford — at some point during the couplets, span the monkey bars x 1 length and then do an AMRAP of pull-ups x 3 rounds.

Bridgeport — during the couplets accumulate 10 legless rope climbs (scale as needed).