Partners -- Similar strength
Deadlift static hold -- HEAVY.
AMRAP Burpee box jumps.
Chin over bar static hold.
AMRAP Standing DB strict press.
Deadlift static hold -- HEAVY.
AMRAP burpee box jumps.
*One partner must be in a static hold in order for the other partner to complete reps.
*If you cannot pull yourself over the bar you may use a box to jump into position.
*Each couplet is 5 min with 90 seconds rest between. Score is total combined reps.



CORE: 4 rounds
30 hollow rocks
15 sec hanging “L” hold

WOD: Tabata
Double unders
Men <315
Women <225
*Sub squat thrusts for DU’s.
*Post weight and total reps on the whiteboard.
*This WOD is 8 minutes long. Alternate between deads and DU’s. 20 seconds deads followed by 10 sec rest. Then 20 seconds DU’s and 10 seconds rest for 8 total rounds.