SKILL: (10 minutes) Toes to Bar

WOD: Partners -- similar strength recommended.
2 rounds
15 tire flips (rep for rep).
45 toes to bar (one person works at a time). 
75 double KB front rack lunges (one person works at a time).
*Bonus 10 rope climbs BPT or 10 trips across the monkey bars or up and down peg board Stamford. 
*The bonus is just ONCE after the team has finished 2 rounds.
*Sub 60 hollow rocks for TTB.


Retest of 1/10/17.

STRENGTH: 10 minutes to build up to HEAVY standing strict press (no racks and no drops allowed--place the bars on the ground after each attempt).

Front rack stationary lunges.
Push press.
Burpee over bar.
20 minute ladder.
1 lunge per leg, 1 push press, 1 burpee over bar.
2 lunges per leg, 2 PP, 2 burpee over bar.
Keep adding 1 rep per round for 20 minutes.

Men >95
Women >65


5/13/17 - NO CLASS IN BRIDGEPORT as we are very happy to be hosting another L1 seminar this Saturday and Sunday. All members are welcome to attend class at 8:30am or 9:30am in Stamford at @hybridathletics. See you there!
Partners -- one person works at a time.
2 rounds
Stone to shoulder x 30
TTB X 40
Box jumps x 50
*One person works at a time.
*Partition work as needed.
*EMOM both partners must do 10 alternating lunges (5 per leg).