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CrossFit Strongman Certification Seminar - Sumner, WA

CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course - Sumner, WA - November 5, 2016  

Rainier CrossFit
13716 24th St E #106
Sumner, Washington 98390
United States
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Course Description:  This one-day course is for athletes and coaches who want become more proficient with strongman movements. The typical strongman competition consists of five events in one day, and each event is less than 60 seconds. This is a perfect – and fun – way for CrossFitters to increase strength without using a barbell. Because of the often-awkward size, shape and consistency of the objects in strongman, the lifts tend to have less efficiency than those done with a barbell. These loads challenges the neuromuscular system in a way a barbell cannot and better mimic challenges found outside the gym. Participants learn to lift Atlas stones, carry a yoke and farmers handles, flip tires, and clean and press odd objects such as a log, keg, anvil or stone at their relative level of strength. Additional topics discussed include how to incorporate these movements into CrossFit workouts.