35 KB Taters with a 70+ pounder 90 Second Axle Static Hold--Double Overhand Grip with Body Weight(Using a double overhand grip on the axle, dead lift the bar and hold for 90 seconds.)  Dropping the bar during the hold stops the clock.  Pick the bar back up and start the clock.  Repeat until you've held the axle for 90 total seconds.

3 rounds for time

Here is a video of a KB Tater-- [youtube]AEuJGQ1BG2o[/youtube]

Press Medley

Clean and Press each for a single rep. 200 pound axle, 200 pound log, 150 pound keg, 225 pound barbell, 200 pound yoke(set the bar just belowchin height, lift it off the ground, and then press it over head)

5 Rounds with 3 minutes in between each round.

Scale the weights as needed.  Time your efforts and share video if you film it.


Axle Deadlift Ladder

Establish a 1RM axle deadlift.  Use as much time as necessary and then rest before doing part 2 which is below. Climb a ladder with axle deadlifts.  Do a single rep and drop the bar.  Then do 2 touch-n-go reps and drop the bar.  Then do 3 touch-n-go reps and drop the bar.  Start back at 1 rep and repeat x 3 minutes.

Use 70% of your 1RM for the ladder portion of the workout.

Post loads and total reps to comments.  Please share links to video if you have it.