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Strongman/Programming Seminar w/ Rob Orlando

WHAT -- 4X CrossFit Games competitor Rob Orlando will share his knowledge of CrossFit, Strongman, and Programming in this one day course.  Attendees will learn 6-7 movements including Tire Flips, Atlas Stones, Yoke Carries and more.  They will also get to pick Rob's brain during an open Q/A session where any topic is on the table for discussion.  

WHERE -- Wildfire CrossFit in Phoenix, AZ

WHEN -- October 29th, 2022

DETAILS -- Course runs from 9am to approximately 5pm with a 1 hour break for lunch.  No skill and/or strength requirements.  Everyone is encouraged to attend regardless of fitness level.  

QUESTIONS -- If you have questions about the seminar please reach out to Rob directly at info@hybridathletics.com

VIDEOS -- To get a feel for the seminar please copy and paste these links in your browser.