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360 Barbell Brush wipes and cleans chalk, sweat, and grime away in seconds.

The 360 Barbell Brush from Hybrid Athletics is the best, time-saving tool for cleaning your barbells, pull-up bars, kettlebells, and dumbbells with minimal effort.  Perfect for home use or commercial applications, it quickly creates a sanitary training environment to protect athletes without the laborious wiping of standard flat brushes.  

The flexible wrap-around grip and rigid BRASS bristles offer maximum surface area contact with the bar to thoroughly penetrate and clean all knurling and crevices.  Keep your expensive barbells in optimal condition in a fraction of the time compared to other inferior brushes.  


-Easy to Use - The ergonomic, flexible design creates a natural fit around any barbell, pull-up bar, KB, DB, or handle, allowing the brass bristles to do the work.  Standard brushes only touch one side of the bar, producing inconsistent results that require more passes.  The 360 Barbell Brush provides maximum surface contact to clean deeper and better than any other product. 

-Protect Your Investment - Rust and grime are the enemies of any metal when sweat, humidity, and moisture are allowed to accumulate and remain.  The 360 Barbell Brush is the best way to protect the lifespan and performance of your equipment.  Prevent rust, remove grime, and provide a healthy environment with minimal effort.

-Designed by Athletes for Athletes - Rob Orlando of Hybrid Athletics developed the 360 Barbell Brush to keep his gym and equipment clean and protected.  An accomplished CrossFit and Strongman competitor/coach, Rob says, "Once you scrub the gear for the first time, which will remove years of grit, maintenance cleaning is simple and will require significantly less muscle."

-PLEASE NOTE THAT BRASS BRISTLES ARE SLIGHTLY MORE AGGRESSIVE THAN NYLON AND SLIGHTLY LESS AGGRESSIVE THAN STEEL BRISTLES.  When used carefully it is safe to clean ANY bar with the Brass Barbell Brush.  It is also recommend for all powerlifting barbells and will not affect the knurling over time.